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Human Resources Workshops & Consulting

Comprehensive talent management support, training and consulting

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Our experts partner with you to solve your talent needs and support you to create success.

Lumenii’s team of industrial and organisational psychologists have decades of experience in talent management, training, research and project delivery. See some of our most popular consulting options below, or get in touch for a custom needs analysis.

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Workshops, Consulting & Training by Lumenii Talent Management

Selection Masterclass - How to select for success

Want to know, how to best predict performance and select wisely for your organisation? Lumenii's selection workshops highlight the value of using scientific measurements and accurate profiling to predict performance.

The Effective Selection Masterclass teaches HR professionals and line managers how to apply best practices and technology to:

  • Measure role, organisational and culture fit

  • Highlight the research-driven areas that best predict job performance

  • Streamline the recruitment process via enhanced processes, toolkits and automation

  • Get the most out of interviews

  • Track ROI and optimise selection over time via data analytics


360 Masterclass - How to run successful 360's

The success of 360-degree feedback projects is largely dependent on how they are planned and managed.

360-degree feedback is the foundation of successful employee and leadership development. 360's provide the individual, line manager and organisation with a structured method of gathering insights into competency performance. 

Lumenii's 360 workshops are designed for psychologists, HR professionals and line managers.

  • Learn 360-degree best practices

  • Learn how to run effective 360-degree feedback initiatives at a small or large scale

  • Understand how to deliver impactful results for individuals, teams and the organisation

  • Conceptualise and plan employee development projects

  • Deliver effective feedback to participants


Succession Masterclass - How to solve succession planning

Looking for a succession strategy planning and roll-out? In the Solving Succession workshop, delegates will be equipped with practical guidelines on how to execute a successful succession planning strategy, including the relevant theories, tools and approaches to ensure a comprehensive, objective approach.

Lumenii offers a range of consulting solutions for succession planning, aimed at HR professionals, psychologists and line managers:

  • End-to-end project delivery

  • Project conceptualisation and support

  • Best practices and tool kits

  • Workshops to set up and self-manage effective succession planning


Platform Training - Become an accredited user

It's time to get a certification on our SaaS talent platforms.

Becoming accredited on Lumenii’s talent platforms empowers you to independently manage assessments, send links, download reports and facilitate feedback. Training is a critical step when onboarding our online platforms in your business.

Lumenii offers both face-to-face and online training options, aimed at HR professionals, psychologists and psychometrists. The course takes place across two days and is CPD accredited for HPCSA-registered professionals.


Strategic Consulting Solutions for all industries and organisations

TeamsDNA - Gain Insight and Take Action to Achieve Team Goals

Do you need to align people, goals, and performance in your company? 

An expertly-facilitated team workshops, based on objectively gathered data, by a Lumenii organisational psychologist. Your team will see how to benefit from strengths and mitigate weaknesses to achieve team goals.

  • Individual assessments to understand each team member's potential, team role preferences and Agility

  • Participant reports, with insight into personal strengths and development areas

  • Integrated team report into preferences, behaviour, drivers and engagers.

  • Strategic workshop to transform insights  into action plans, to best align team results, vision, and goals


Success DNA Research - Replicate Existing Success Based on Data

It's time to leverage your talent data for more success. In order to hire and retain the right people, it's critical to understand what drives performance in your unique context. 

SuccessDNA allows you to statistically analyse the qualities of a group to determine which factors best predict performance.

The outcome is a detailed perspective of the most critical areas to measure and develop for optimal performance. 

By then relying on qualities with a proven positive effect on the result, you can focus on employees who perform better, who learn the job faster, who are less likely to quit and who generate more revenue.


Candidate Feedback - Consultant Debriefs on Assessment Results

Start creating awareness and support growth in your business.

Effective feedback is critical to ensure that individuals fully understand and embrace their results. It can help to mitigate concerns and misunderstandings, resulting in the best possible outcomes from the process. 

Our experts are available when you need them

In scenarios where you prefer our consultants and psychologists to facilitate debriefs, they are equipped to provide one-on-one developmental feedback to individuals on the outcomes of their assessment results. These feedback sessions aim to provide insight into their performance, strengths and areas of growth.

The result is greater self-awareness, the foundation of successful personal development.


Coaching - Professionals to Guide Your Journey

Executive and leadership coaching can achieve personal and business milestones.

Lumenii provides coaching and feedback consulting for executives, leaders, employees and line managers. 

  • Coaching packages based on your requirements

  • Development insights based on objective data

  • Workshops for line managers

We partner with business leaders and professionals to provide insight, guide development and drive exponential performance improvements. 


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Staples uses Lumenii software for improved staffing through workshops and consulting

"The research-led profile that we defined has made our process clear-cut and the online assessments predict whether or not people will be successful."

Frans Kools, HR Director, Staples

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