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About Lumenii and the Game-Changing Talent Management Solutions we Provide

Find out more about Lumenii Talent Partners and meet the team

HR and talent expert taking a photo of his new employees

Lumenii Are The Talent Management Experts

Lumenii partners with organisations to help them get the most out of their people so that they get the most out of their business.

We support companies of all sizes to ensure they select and grow the right people to drive their business strategy and growth. 

Our online talent platform is a fixed-cost solution that allows your team to assess all applicants and employees using highly predictive scientific assessments. With this objective data, your organisation is equipped with the insights it needs to appoint, promote, develop and invest in the right people with the right stuff to carry the business forward.

Lumenii is proud to be a Level 1 BEE contributor.

Our Story

Lumenii's history is linked to HFMTalentindex (founded in Amsterdam, 1997) and Assessio (founded in Stockholm, 1954), the market leader in the Netherlands and Nordics regions, respectively.

HFMTalentindex and Benjamin Buckingham set up a local subsidiary in 2015, to bring market-leading products to the African continent. Full local research and accreditation with the HPCSA were undertaken before the market launch.

In 2019, the Assessio International Group acquired HFMtalentindex International, including HFMtalentindex South Africa, to build a dominant force in Europe.

In early 2020, the South African operation was spun out into a wholly-owned South African limited company, with rights to Assessio Group technologies. Neither the local entity nor the local team changed in any way in this spin-out. 

In line with its new independent identity, our South African organisation has been renamed Lumenii. We maintain our strong links to the Assessio Group, bringing Assessio solutions to Africa.

Hr manager celebrating team unity

Lumenii Client Testimonials

  • “Lumenii has created the ability for us to accurately measure potential."
    Linda Roos
    Group Head of Human Capital
  • “Learning Agility is something that can make us successful, no matter how bad times are.”
    Pat Smith
    Talent Management Manager
  • “Working with Lumenii to build a succession planning strategy helped us ensure alignment to our values”
    Alison Visagie
    Senior OD Manager
  • “Learning Agility has been a game changer for us. Before we actively measured it, we didn’t realise what we didn’t have.”
    Lebitso Mokgatle
    HR Executive
  • "The research-led profile that we defined has made our process clear-cut and the online assessments predict whether or not people will be successful."
    Frans Kools
    HR Director

Lumenii Values


Lumenii values making an impact on clients and employeesWe produce measurable change, from impact on the bottom line to long-lasting positive impact for each employee at each client.

We solve people problems, from creating operational efficiencies to harnessing the strategic impact of talent; we make transformations that result in a big difference.


Lumenii values trust in it's clients and employeesOur accurate insights and straightforward honesty are the basis for long-lasting relationships built on trust; we don't shy away from difficult conversations.

We are dependable, customer-centric and seek to add the most value we can; we react quickly to meet our customers’ unique needs.


Lumenii values curiosity in our clients and emplyeesWe learn continuously; we strive for insight and improvement, both internally and together with our customers.

We are agile, flexible, curious and embrace innovation; we aim to meet each unique challenge head-on and learn in the face of change.


Lumenii values quality in out's clients and emplyeesWe are high performers with a passion for excellence. We always go the extra mile.

We apply knowledge and insights to arrive at the best outcomes and learn continuously to ensure that our own talent is up to the challenge.


Lumenii values unity in it's clients and emplyeesWe value each other as people; our team is greater than each of us as individuals; real value arises from the collaboration of a constructive and engaged team.

We enjoy our work and have fun, especially in the face of challenge, innovation and change.

Meet the Lumenii Team

Benjamin Buckingham MD of Lumenii talent management in South Africa
Managing Director

Benjamin Buckingham

Benjamin Buckingham is a visionary entrepreneur with a wealth of experience in the online technology and talent management industries. As the Founder and Managing Director of Lumenii Talent Partners, he has been instrumental in shaping the company's success since it's inception in 2015.
Jaintheran Naidoo delivery director of Lumenii who is also an Industrial Psychologist
Director & Senior Psychologist

Jaintheran Naidoo

With a career spanning over 20 years in the field of industrial/organisational psychology, Jaintheran Naidoo is a highly skilled and registered professional. His expertise and comprehensive understanding of the IO space make him a trusted authority in the industry.
Caitlin Quibell is a senior psychologist of Lumenii talent management
Senior Psychologist & Marketing Specialist

Caitlin Quibell

With a tenure since Lumenii's launch, Caitlin is an integral part of the team, serving as a Senior Psychologist. Passionate about research, benchmarking, and analytics, Caitlin brings a data-driven approach to the organisation's initiatives.
Itumaleng Tsotetsi is a lead Industrial Psychologist at Lumenii
Account Coordinator and Psychologist

Itumeleng Tsotetsi

Itumeleng is an Industrial Psychologist by profession, and is registered with the HPCSA as an Independent psychologist. She has experience in the IT/Distribution and psychometric assessment space.
Renira Singh heads up HR and project management at Lumenii
HR Consultant

Renira Singh

Renira Singh is a HR Consultant with vast experience in Human Resources across various industries. She has been a part of the Lumenii team since September 2017, with a focus on client support and the internal well-being of the organisation.
Desheeta Salickram is the operations administrator at Lumernii
Sales and Operations Administrator

Desheeta Salickram

Desheeta Salickram is Lumenii’s Sales and Operations Administrator. Her focus is on generating leads and lead nurturing as well as assisting with the daily operations of the business.
Jason Sandell heads up business development at Lumenii South Africa
Head of Business Development

Jason Sandell

An accomplished entrepreneur, seasoned salesperson, and marketing specialist, Jason is dedicated to empowering businesses to thrive. With an unwavering passion for helping companies succeed, Jason constantly seeks new and innovative approaches to elevate sales and foster growth.
Shalan Singh has a decade-long track record in account management
Account Manager

Shalan Singh

With a decade-long track record in account management, Shalan Singh brings extensive expertise and a results-driven approach to his role as an Account Manager at Lumenii. Having honed his skills across diverse industries, Shalan is committed to delivering exceptional client experiences.
Amanda Buckingham leads the social media team at Lumenii
Social Media, Sales, and Marketing

Amanda Buckingham

Driven by a passion for marketing and social media, Amanda excels in her role at Lumenii. With a keen focus on fostering brand awareness and optimising talent acquisition processes, Amanda is committed to employing innovative strategies.
Iman Toefy is an aspiring organisational psychologist at Lumenii
Sales and Marketing Intern

Iman Toefy

Iman is an aspiring organisational psychologist with a strong interest in psychometrics. She is eager to blend theory with practical experience in sales and marketing. Entrepreneurial and driven, Iman has a clear 5-year plan to achieve full qualification in their field.
Mphumzi Luthango is a sales intern with a proven track record
Sales and Marketing intern

Mphumzi Luthango

With a proven track record in sales, Mphumzi brings a unique blend of creativity and drive to the team. His ability to craft compelling narratives and close deals sets him apart, making him a force to be reckoned with in the world of sales. Watch as Mphumzi leverages his cinematic vision to transform pitches and presentations, leaving a lasting impression on clients and colleagues alike.
Palesa Ntsalong is an Independent Psychometrist at Lumenii talent management

Palesa Ntsalong

Palesa is an Independent Psychometrist in private practice since 2017. She has a passion for strategic talent management, and specialises in applying psychometric assessments to help organisations get the most from recruitment and selection, development, team building, succession planning, and more.
Jonathan Watkins is a coding enthusiast at Lumenii
Developer Intern

Jonathan Watkins

Jonathan, a former wildlife photographer turned coding enthusiast, embarked on a transformative journey during lockdown, mastering Python and JavaScript. Graduating with distinction from Le Wagon Cape Town's Bootcamp, he excelled as a lecturer before joining Lumenii in October 2023.
Vincent Nhlapo is an aspiring Educational Psychologist and Client Support Champion
Customer Support Champion

Vincent Nhlapo

Vincent an aspiring Educational Psychologist and Client Support Champion at Lumenii, excels in providing top-notch service. Committed to supporting project execution, he navigates a path toward a future in educational psychology with unwavering dedication.
Florence Jones excels in sales and admin support at Lumenii
sales and administration

Florence Jones

Florence excels in sales and admin support, seamlessly blending charm with organizational prowess. A dynamic professional, she elevates every interaction and ensures streamlined operations for optimal efficiency.
Alvin Meyer is a registered psychology practitioner with 15 years of experience in IO Psychology at Lumenii
Business Development and Delivery

Alvin Meyer

Alvin is a registered psychology practitioner with 15 years of experience in I/O Psychology. Holding a master's degree and extensive roles from Strategic Account Manager to Professional Services consultant. With robust sales training and accreditations in leading psychometric tools, Alvin's expertise is crucial in advancing Lumenii's strategic goals.


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