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Talent Management Technology and Solutions

The best scientific insights to reliably inform the best talent decisions

Technology Driven Talent Solutions

Start using powerful technology that is easy to use in your business.

Lumenii is a proud partner of the Assessio Group and distributes their market leading technology in Africa. Assessio's technologies integrate best practice psychology into an intuitive online platform. Assessio builds and publishes tests and online talent solutions globally.

Immediate Insights to Enhance the Candidate and Administrator Experience

Talent data is collected across the board. Each interaction produces an instantaneous result and builds a real-time talent database, which becomes a strategic asset of the organisation.

Local Solutions for Global Growth

All technology and assessments are normed, researched and validated according to required South African standards.

HR manager using data to drive forward and improve his talent pool

Independently owned and managed

Team dashboards and reports

Automated talent analytics

Comprehensive competency library

Learning Agility assessment and development

Automated reporting


60+ years
of experience


3 million +
tests done


9x more likely
to hire high


8.9 out of 10
by HR managers

Talentindex Platform 

TalentIndex is a market-leading European platform and the global leader in Learning Agility. 

Talentindex offers a suite of online assessments, real-time analytics and interactive development modules to answer questions at any stage of the talent management lifecycle.

Ascend Platform 

TalentIndex is a market-leading European platform and the global leader in Learning Agility. 

The platform offers a process-based interface, with online insights as well as reports. With a fixed-cost pricing model, users are encouraged to ‘assess lots’, widening the net while speeding the process up by 90% and finding better talent.

The Benefits of Using Talent Management Technology

Streamlined, automated recruitment that saves on time and costs

Hire the right person for the role, the first time around

Scientific, objective insights that enable you to make the best decisions

Improved performance of leadership, sales and teams

From internally run and autonomous to fully supported

Database of talent insights and analytics as a strategic asset


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