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Comprehensive Talent Solutions for HR Managers and Recruiters

Partner with Lumenii to transform your talent, rapidly and over the long-term

Talent Solutions to Unlock Talent in Your Organisation

Lumenii uses the best comprehensive scientific insights to reliably inform the best talent management decisions. We offer world-leading online solutions putting you in control of your talent. Our team of industrial and organisational psychologists partner with you to solve your immediate talent needs and improve the value of your talent over the long term..

Smiling candidate being successful at her job
Various job seekers being screened by psychometric assessment tools by Lumenii

Talent Solutions for Screening & Selection

Our online screening tools empower you to hire better talent faster using objective data as a foundation. To select wisely, HR managers and recruiters need an integrated perspective on role fit including competencies, cognitive ability and Learning Agility.


Talent Management Solutions

Automatically integrated talent data quickly identifies growth areas and enables focused and cost-effective development. Clear insight into gaps between potential and performance equips you with comprehensive talent management plans at the individual, team and organisational levels.


2 HR managers assessing candidates assessment results
4 HR managers doing various workshops and consulting projects to improve talent selection and retention

Workshops and Consulting

The decades of experience of our team creates value for you. Lumenii's team provides training and development via workshops and coaching. We also offer end-to-end talent project management and bureau assessment services.


Agility and Resilience

Learning Agility is the most significant predictor of future performance. Measure and develop individual and team adaptability and resilience. Benchmark leadership effectiveness in the face of change and ambiguity.


African woman in a tracksuit running to keep fit
  • All Office furniture uses Lumenii to bring out the best in their staff
  • Apex financial services uses Lumenii talent management software for better recruitment
  • BDO uses Lumenii software for talent management
  • Bakers transport uses Lumenii for talent management
  • Climate fund managers use Lumenii HR software for strategic hr consulting
  • ENS Africa utilises Lumenii as a Talent development solution
  • Fedex South Africa uses Lumenii for employee assessment
  • Golden Key deploys Lumenii for staff performance appraisals
  • Nampack logo
  • Neuro Leadership Institute logo
  • Ooba uses Lumenii as a talent management software solution
  • Pep uses Lumenii for staff talent management
  • Pepcor uses Lumenii as a talent management solution
  • Right to Care uses Lumenii as a talent measurement solution
  • SANBS uses Lumenii for a staff skills assessment tool


Save 90% of
Recruitment time


35% higher
leader effectiveness


Increase sales
revenue by 25%


Hire 9x higher


Retain talent
1.7x longer


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