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Online Psychometric Talent Management Solutions

Make good decisions based on reliable insight through science and technology.

Your Team is Your Value

Clear insight to plan and grow. Objectively measure your teams' potential, performance, and Agility, and make wise decisions quickly.

Psychometric assessments, 360-degree feedback, and Agility reviews are built to work together to provide you with clear and comprehensive advice.

Online Tools for Individuals, Teams, and Leaders

Individual reports support development and performance management. Team outcomes provide insight to structure and hone teams. Leadership perspectives support planning and growth. Automated dashboards enable benchmarking and planning for the future.


What makes a successful team in an organisation

Talent Management Features

360-degree feedback

360's that you control. Manage 360 processes with any number of stakeholders. Customise feedback to match role requirements. Configure any number of raters in multiple categories.

360-degree outcomes provide individual and peer perspectives on performance. Different rater categories are compared. Output can be used to boost self-awareness and build a personal development plan.

Outcomes that are actionable

The outcomes combine the competency-based ratings and narrative comments into a detailed strength-weakness analysis, providing comprehensive advice to act on.


Talent development

Develop gaps using psychometric measurements and feedback. Focuses on developing targeted gaps at the right time. Support recruits' growth from the point of onboarding; develop agility, resilience and self-awareness to cope with changing demands; improve role and leadership competencies based on gaps reported by peers.

Include 360-degree input in development

Lumenii's integrated platform combines measured potential with perspectives on performance, comparing self-perception with the perception of others to identify development priorities.

Onboarding plans

Provide talent insights and development advice to new employees by leveraging competency, ability and agility information collected during the recruitment process.



Leadership development

Looking to hire high-performance leadership? Building a culture of high performing leadership means hiring the right talent, as well as prioritising the development of current and future leaders. Strong leadership strengthens engagement, retention, and performance.

Grow Leadership Agility

Research shows that Learning Agility is the best predictor of leadership performance. Thus, when developing management potential, it is critical to focus attention on Agility and the ability to proactively engage with change.

Lumenii provides organisations with the tools to measure, benchmark, and develop Learning Agility. With the Learning Agility interactive development module, employees and leaders can track their development priorities, action plans and progress.

Lumenii also offers a comprehensive toolset to focus the lens on developing leadership competencies.


Succession planning

Need to mitigate risk and plan for the future? Ensure business continuity and organisational success with succession planning. Use a straightforward process to balance objective data and human insights.

Lumenii offers an end-to-end succession planning solution that includes strategy, measurement, stakeholder participation, insights, reporting and decision making. Our process covers all stages of the succession journey, using existing available data, and collecting new data where appropriate.

Objectively measure potential

Avoid the Peter Principle by using competency, ability, and agility assessments to know candidates' potential to succeed. Ensure a match to your leadership competencies combined with the ability to benefit from change, engage with complexity and navigate ambiguity.

Integrate talent data and management insights

Automatically generate 9-grid perspectives on objective potential and performance data. Balance data with human insights collected via a structured feedback process. Use outcomes from succession to support development and feed development insights back into future succession planning.



Effective teams

Need to build and unleash the performance of teams? High-performing teams are the foundation of success: the output of a team is more strongly related to the team's effectiveness, than to the effectiveness of the individual members. An ineffectual team will drain morale and drag down performance.

Analyse and compare teams

Leaders need to understand the qualities of their people and then apply these insights to leverage strengths and close gaps in teams. The Lumenii platform allows managers to analyse and compare existing teams and model new ones based on already existing assessment data.

Align people and goals

Lumenii's end-to-end team diagnostic solution uses scientific assessments to understand team performance, potential, role preferences and agility.

Individuals obtain reports to build self-awareness. The Teams DNA report provides a holistic perspective of a team's qualities, including strengths and weaknesses. Output is used for the alignment of people goals and outcomes via our workshops or a train-the-trainer approach.


Talent retention

We believe in creating engagement to retain employees. Benefit from your investments into human capital by retaining your employees. Lumenii's comprehensive platform empowers you to focus on retention in all areas of your talent lifecycle. Customisable engagement solutions measure, diagnose, benchmark and support your retention needs.

Select to stay

Ensure that you hire people with qualities that match your organisation. Role and values fit are cornerstones of sustained performance and engagement. Use talent insights to support individuals and teams directly during onboarding. Ensure that individuals build capacity quickly with tailored development insights and feedback.

Ensure that your talent pipelines create and support future success

Build a journey past today and support career paths. Provide opportunities for growth in a non-threatening and constructive way. Use talent insights to support targeted development to ensure that individuals continue to grow.


Talent Management Reading Resources

360-degree development

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Pep uses Lumenii talent management software to promote suitable staff

“Learning Agility is something that can make us successful, no matter how bad times are”

Pat Smith, Talent Management Manager at PEP

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