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Lumenii Talent Management Solutions

Increase revenue, decrease costs and reduce risk by using talent management software to enable the best decisions about people.

  • All Office furniture uses Lumenii to bring out the best in their staff
  • Apex financial services uses Lumenii talent management software for better recruitment
  • BDO uses Lumenii software for talent management
  • Bakers transport uses Lumenii for talent management
  • Climate fund managers use Lumenii HR software for strategic hr consulting
  • ENS Africa utilises Lumenii as a Talent development solution
  • Fedex South Africa uses Lumenii for employee assessment
  • Golden Key deploys Lumenii for staff performance appraisals
  • Nampack logo
  • Neuro Leadership Institute logo
  • Ooba uses Lumenii as a talent management software solution
  • Pep uses Lumenii for staff talent management
  • Pepcor uses Lumenii as a talent management solution
  • Right to Care uses Lumenii as a talent measurement solution
  • SANBS uses Lumenii for a staff skills assessment tool

Talent Management Success Stories

Pep using Lumenii for improved leadership agility

Leadership and Agility

See how leadership success at PEP is accelerated with Learning Agility.

SANBS uses Lumenii for staffing succession planning

Succession Planning

How SANBS delivers organisational resilience through succession planning.

How ENS Africa uses Psychometrics from improved Graduate selection and retention

Graduate Recruitment

ENS shares their graduate recruitment and retention success.

Talent Management Solutions

Lumenii’s talent management solutions provide all the insights you need to make the best decisions about people. We bring together science, psychology and technology, supporting you to hire the best, develop performance and manage your talent.

Screening & Selection

Hire better talent faster by using objective data that accurately predicts performance

Software for staff screening and selection

Talent Management

Improve performance and engagement by measuring, developing and structuring your team

Glowing lights on a tree

Agility & Resilience

Stay ahead by maintaining superior performance and resilience in the face of uncertainty

Software for staffing agility and resilience

Workshops & Consulting

Optimise success by leveraging off our team of experts’ knowledge and experience

Lumenii workshops and consulting


Discover how Lumenii can help you solve your Talent Challenges


Programme and Sector Specific Applications

See how Lumenii's talent management solutions are applied for your particular need or sector.

Leadership Development Solutions for Organisations

Great companies identify, promote and develop the right leaders who ensure organisational success.

  • Measure all aspects critical for leadership performance.

  • Work with well-researched and bespoke leadership competency profiles.

  • Measure and benchmark Leadership Agility.

  • Leadership 360-degree feedback for development and performance.

  • Build a leadership pipeline to promote managers into executive and director roles.

  • Supercharge leadership development programmes.



Succession Planning for Organisations in South Africa

Prepare for the future and mitigate risks by balancing objective data with human insights in a structured way.

  • Introduce new programmes or optimise existing ones.

  • Implement a step-by-step succession planning approach.

  • Benchmark and report overall succession risk.

  • Create career plans for people, teams, and departments.

  • Develop existing talent for leadership and critical roles.

  • Capacitate your team with best practice workshops.


Graduate Recruitment Solutions

Graduates are the future of dynamic organisations.

Finding people who will thrive in your specific environment is what makes the difference.

  • From bringing in latent talent to building a pipeline of future leaders.

  • Utilise a fixed-cost solution to maximise your access to talent.

  • Efficiently screen high-volumes of candidates cost-effectively.

  • Identify the most talented individuals for your specific needs.

  • Fast-track the transition from studying to working by building Agility.

  • Apply best practices to programmes, from apprenticeships to postgraduates.


Graduate Screening for Top Talent Recruitment


How to Create and Build Effective Teams in your Organisation

Big goals are achieved by great teams.

Building and empowering teams depends on clear insight into the team as a whole, as well as the understanding of how each individual is part of the team.

  • Scientific assessments of team qualities that drive cohesion and success.

  • Individual and team reports highlighting strengths and development areas.

  • Insight into potential, motivations, preferred roles, Learning Agility and observed performance.

  • Team analytics and benchmarking.

  • Workshops to turn insights into action by aligning outcomes with organisational goals.


Large Volume Retail Recruitment Solutions

Ambassadors who imbue the brand and value the customer sustain success.

Managing costs while bringing in people who can deliver rapidly is necessary for an environment undergoing immense change.

  • Screen large volumes of applicants cost-effectively.

  • Find the right people for the role and organisation.

  • Identify individuals who can deliver now and adapt as things change.

  • Establish resilience to deal with the fast-paced, deadline-driven environment.

  • Develop internal talent based on actual needs and gaps.

  • Find and support high potentials to become the leaders of tomorrow.

See the retail talent management solutions we offer corporates around South Africa.

Professional & Financial Services

In highly competitive organisations, it’s critical to find the right people and retain them over time. 

Talent management needs to be cost and time sensitive, while delivering top talent who can sustain performance over the long-term.

  • Find the right people aligned to your roles, values and culture.

  • Deliver an engaging employee experience to attract and retain talent.

  • Gain insight into agility, resilience and coping skills.

  • Support employees to cope with current and future demands.

  • Avoid promoting great professionals who lack management potential.

  • Bring in graduates who can deliver quickly, and fill your leadership pipeline.

View the financial sector recruiting solutions Lumenii talent management offers.

Manufacturing & Logistics

Managing large and diverse workforces depends on outstanding leadership coupled with dependable people on the ground.

To be successful, these organisations need the tools to hire effectively and quickly, as well as a clear oversight of talent.

  • Cost-effectively identify the best people from large applicant pools.

  • Hire consistently, irrespective of location, and eliminate hiring biases that inhibit access to latent talent.

  • Bring on people who can quickly meet role needs.

  • Ensure that leadership has the capacity and agility to benefit from rapid change.

  • Build development plans to up-skill leadership in times of growth.

  • Hold onto the best and most agile talent when teams are scaled down.

View the Lumenii Manufacturing and Logistics Recruitment solutions on offer to South African organisations.  

NGO’s & NPO's

Sustaining performance in an environment where the mission is critical depends on the right people who dependably deliver.

Clear insight into effective performance are key tools for leaders to manage departments and teams.

  • Hire and promote people who are aligned to the role and mission.

  • Rapidly scale up staff as projects and needs develop.

  • Hold onto the best and most agile talent when teams are scaled down.

  • Measure gaps between potential and performance.

  • Build development plans for individuals and groups based on relevant gaps.

  • Provide the board with a clear picture of talent strategy versus effectiveness.

View the NGO’s & NPO's recruitment solutions on offer by Lumenii talent management.

Education & Learning

Impactful programmes depend on relevant content and effective facilitators.

Understanding which students will thrive in a programme, providing skills to adapt, and customising learning programmes to individual needs are hallmarks of success.

  • Measure behaviour and cognitive ability to determine fit for particular programmes.

  • Build relevant competencies and agilities in the context of specific learning experiences.

  • Gain insight into learner groups, to personalise impactful content.

  • Understand which students will require what type of support.

  • Measure the impact of learning initiatives to determine ROI.

  • Ensure that facilitators are aligned with programme requirements and values.

  • Increase students' self-awareness and learning styles to maximise their success.

View the Education and Learning recruitment solutions provided by Lumenii.


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