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360 Degree Feedback on Your Potential and Existing Employees

360-degree feedback with actionable outcomes.

  • Competency-based 360's

  • Unlimited raters

  • Development feedback based on actual gaps

Lumenii showing HR managers staff development ideas
Lumenii showing HR managers a corporate development matrix

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More on 360-degree feedback

Feedback with utility

Gather feedback from leaders, subordinates, peers, clients and more to create a holistic perspective on performance.

  • Managed in-house with instant results

  • Measure actual strengths and weaknesses

  • Include anonymous free-form feedback

  • Individual and group-based perspectives

Gap-based development

Focus development energy on areas that create impact.

  • Compare potential and agility versus performance

  • Have a clear view of strengths and weaknesses

  • SMART developmental goals per competency

  • Individual and group-based perspectives

Detailed 360-degree breakdown

  • Graphical and numeric scores per competency

  • Understand how different rater categories perceive different behaviours

Key Features for HR Managers

You are in control

Set up and manage your 360-degree process with any number of participants and raters.

Online dashboards provide insight into progress. See results instantaneously as they become available.

Fully customisable

Configure the 360-degree survey based on the specific role. Use your role-based competency profiles, or use our well researched pre-built profiles.

Learning Agility can be included, as well as controls for impression management and self-deception.

Feedback at a glance

The front page of the report quickly provides a clear description of the individual that will resonate with the employee and leader.

Their potential versus performance is indicated, as well as a clear perspective of their strengths and development opportunities.

Development strategy

Each competency is described in terms of potential and performance, with input into how to approach development.

  • Strengthen: high potential, low performance

  • Utilise: high potential, high performance

  • Retain: low potential, high performance

  • Compensate: low potential, low performance

Competency-based feedback

Scores for overall potential, overall performance, as well as the self versus peers' perspectives on performance, provide the basis for action.

Development feedback

Automatic development tips with SMART goal actions are provided for performance gaps. 

Free-form feedback from raters provides additional nuance to developmental input.

Learning Agility insights

An individual's Learning Agility provides clear insight into their ability to engage with complexity and change. Learning Agility is the ability to rapidly develop effective new behaviour based on new experiences.

An overall Learning Agility score is followed by details on each of the five agility domains: Change Agility, Mental Agility, People Agility, Results Agility and Self-awareness.

Detailed 360-degree scores

Reports provide high levels of detail on 360-degree scores:

  • Self versus peer perceptions

  • Ratings per competency

  • Ratings per behavioural indicator

  • Ratings per rater category

  • Numerical and graphical ratings

What We Measure at Lumenii


Workplace behaviour perceived by raters


A full perspective using best-practice psychology


Role-based potential, with clear insights into why

Learning Agility

The ability to effectively benefit from change


Measure and improve your talent with Lumenii
ENS Africa explains how important learning agility is for it's future employees

Learning Agility has been a game changer for us. Before we actively measured it, we didn’t realise what we didn’t have.

Lebitso Mokgatle, HR Executive at ENS Africa


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