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Learning Agility

Learning Agility and Leadership Agility are the keys to handling change, building resilience and performing better.

Learning Agility creates success

The most significant predictor of individual, leader, and team performance

Learning Agility is measurable, and can be developed. Lumenii's online platform provides you with the best scientific methods to reliably measure Learning Agility for selection, development and benchmarking.

Measure and develop Agility

Measure Learning Agility separately, or integrated it into existing reports. Ensure your teams are effective by benchmarking Leadership Agility.

What is Learning Agility?

Learning Agility is the ability to develop new effective behaviour quickly and flexibly, based on new experiences, and then to apply this behaviour successfully.

Agility performance correlation

Agility Features

Hire & Promote Agility

Objectively measure Learning Agility

Understand whether a candidate can be resilient and cope with changing demands by accurately measuring Learning Agility. Rely on a holistic view by integrating results into comprehensive selection reports, or measure Learning Agility separately.

High-level and detailed insights

Quickly see whether someone can quickly develop new effective behaviour based on new experiences by their overall Learning Agility and Self-awareness. Deeper insights reflect on the underlying Change Agility, Mental Agility, People Agility, Results Agility and Self-awareness.

By hiring learning agile people, you can directly affect the Agility of individuals, teams and your organisation.


Develop Agility & Resilience

Increase the Agility of individuals and teams

The Learning Agility and Leadership Agility of individuals and teams can be developed using accurate measurements combined with focused initiatives.

Lumenii's solutions measure Agility and transform these measurements into actionable development insights that cover strengths, gaps for improvement, growth potential and data-driven personalised tips. Peer feedback can be measured to take a 360-degree view on Agility gaps in individuals and teams.

Agility training and workshops

Alongside our online tools, Lumenii provides a range of workshops, from introducing Learning Agility to ensuring that individuals benefit maximally in your particular environment. 


Benchmark Leadership Agility

Agile leaders supercharge the organisation

Agile leadership is the application of Agility to day-to-day management to create the ideal environment for agile teamwork. Leadership Agility creates an agile organisation.

Leadership Agility depends on being flexible, empowering, collaborative, impactful and self-aware.

Build Leadership Agility by measuring, benchmarking, and developing agile behaviours

Measure Leadership Agility and compare the Agility of your teams to international benchmarks. Understand how teams and levels in organisations compare. Find change agents, high-performers and future senior leaders.


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Discover how to use Learning Agility to hire
and retain effective talent
ENS BLog hero

Learning Agility has been a game changer for us. Before we actively measured it, we didn’t realise what we didn’t have.

Lebitso Mokgatle, HR Executive at ENSafrica

Key Benefits

Can be developed

Individuals and teams

Plug and play

No set-up required

Highly predictive

Predicts performance

Builds resilience

Benefit from change

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